arnham - holland


last night we played a rad place called Patronaat, in Harlaam, Holland. i ran into someone from aldershot. the show was rad, and i met some people that had traveled a fair way to come see me play, but missed the show. one of them is a talented artist... CLICK TO SEE we then went to amsterdam and stayed with Sam, the promoter. what a cool flat. a lot of vinyl, and a lot of batman comics. i cut jamie from tubelords hair, i think it needs a little editing. tonight we are in Arnham. this place is huge, and we are playing a cool room upstairs. i have a separate dressing room to Tubelord, and my own fridge full of food and drink. good job too. sucks hanging around those scummers. bloody hippies. keep stealing my underwear. i guess they're jealous of my long-johns, and who can blame them. these silver beauts are staying on for the month.
think i'll take a shower.