Blousy and Dog

For those of you ladies lucky enough to have today off from work - enjoy yourselves! For you other ladies like me who are working - well, there's always online sale shopping!

Top: Tucker islas wooden chest tie neck (similar-ish here or -ish here)
Jeans: Levi's 545 skinny straight (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: Seychelles ring in the new year (worn here before - similar here)
Bag: D&B letter carrier (similar here or -ish but really cute here)
Necklace: Overstock overlay camelia flower (similar here)

✦   ✦   ✦   ✦

I think it has been far too long without a Pacey status report, as she is now a hearty 31.5 pound pup (nearly 10 pounds heavier than when we got her from the pound at the end of December), who last week had somehow managed to remove the F-lock key from my laptop and before chewing it up.

So what's the Pacey roundup? Well, she has certainly become the main attraction in our little family and has adapted quickly to her new high-rent (haha) lifestyle. Pacey loves nothing more than lounging in comfort and had no problem locating the comfiest spot in each room in which to flop onto and sprawl out - and you're most likely to find her there snoring peacefully on her back.

Pacey also has an enviable toy collection. No small thanks to my sis and mom there - bringing Pacey into my little fam was a bit like a birth by my family - gifts were mailed and too many pictures exchanged.  Her favorite chewie is a long squeaky black bear which remains to be the only furry toy she has not yet completely torn to shreds in a day. In fact, I think Pacey has a soft spot for the bear because she does bring it on to the couch or into the bed with her and does in fact snuggle with it often (seriously - proof below, not posed!)

Aside from black squeaky bear, Pacey loves snuggling close to her people, watching TV, munching on Iams biscuits (but not so much the Milk Bones), and long leash-free walks in the park where she can tear through the shrubbery and arrive back at the car utterly content and exhausted (but she's still a bit shy around other dogs and will sit down and wait for other dogs to pass before she continues on her doggy escapades - which unfortunately does make her a bully magnet for the local bossy chihuahua named Chicken, who will run into your house and "own it" if you're not careful!).

For you gals with pets, how are your adorable animals doing?

Worn out Pacey still attempting to play as she is falling asleep.

A little blue victim of Pacey's play. And her infamous black squeaky.