Happy Valentine's Day

I promise you this wasn't an intentional Valentine's outifit. I was flipping through my People's Style Watch magazine this week and stumbled across this pic of Julianne Moore rocking pink and red and loved it. Mainly because I had the exact pieces in my closet. Once upon a time, I would've never thought of this combo. Is it odd that even with this color combo, it's still plain to me? Hmph.

Vintage Christian Dior jacket
Thrifted Ralph Lauren blouse
Zara Skirt
Jessica Simpson heels
Stolen Borrowed men's belt

Those of you who follow me on twitter know that I went to the Frankie Beverly concert for Valentine's weekend where I witnessed a plethora of zoot suits, jheri curls and platform zebra over the kneee boots (ridiculous). I didn't get to go with my intended date but that's another story for another day. I did however enjoy Frankie nonetheless:) 

(this pic looks like I am pissed off...I wasn't:)

Happy Birthday to my sister!
Happy Anniversary to the The Franklins:)

Thanks for everyone who is supporting SFAM, we have some goodies to put up this week so make sure you check it out. I will also have the winner of the I Got Wired Charm Necklace this week.