I've been thinking...

I had one of those weekends where there was nothing too pressing or pressurised taking place. We drifted from Friday to Sunday, the days punctuated by family activities like swimming, food shopping, a horse-riding lesson, film watching.

Certain things struck me along the way - for once, my mind free to wander. Firstly how I manage to totally forget about my work come Saturday morning. Is this because I have, over the years, trained myself to zone it out? Or does it indicate that work carries that little importance? When I have a weekend when everyone is exactly where they are meant to be (ie at home), it's the meander of family time that I concentrate on and work becomes a distant second.

I kept half an eye on the London Fashion Week shenanigans and I wondered - how have I never paid any attention to this spectacle before? Did it have less importance or is it now that my world has opened up? There is simply so much input available; a constant stream of images and thoughts via so many different sources.

On a morning run I found myself pondering how it is that Olivia Palermo can brave the winter climes of London with bare legs! Did she not get the memo that said 'It's February!' The degree of winter sun and/or grooming required to get legs looking that way in the middle of the coldest months is mind-boggling! To me bare legs in winter is a bit like wearing sequins in the daytime; it would normally be a faux-pas. Yet our Olivia pulls it off.

Sunday beef and Yorkshire puddings and a visit from the new baby in the family. He slept and slept and we all wondered how he could sleep quite that much (all inwardly deducing that this would mean he would be up all night). All of the memories of that fog of motherhood came back to us - even Boo who can recall holding her little brother when he arrived nearly 6 years ago. But to see a new, fresh little formed family was heart-warming and special.

And so to a new week, it's half term so no school. Time for country walks, which are my answer to every moment of boredom in school holidays. Failing that, the beach. Blowing away the cobwebs in some February chill - with not a bare leg in sight!