that'll be fine

im in a bed, in a hotel in prague. this place is nuts. wrote this in the van earlier:
we just left Berlin and are on our way to Prague. the robot vs are in my ears, again. I gotta tell you, I'm not sure they ever knew how good they were, and how quotable those lyrics are. 'fill the hole, in your soul, with something cheap', 'nose to the grindstone, tear off your tail', 'suffer for your art until the money rolls in, the futility of life no longer quite so concerning', 'hang yourself on your own halo, angel', 'gentlemen, please take note, the involuntary convulsion of
facial features the subject produces when confronted by FCUK tshirts', 'drink, dance, repeat', 'although you feel a pulse, I just see a wallet', 'we're nursing your heart as it falls apart, money doesn't buy you love but it's a fucking good start'... I could go on and on. alex petersen, the fella who's brain spaffed that lot out is currently working on his second novel. I recently finished his debut 'The Hierarchy of Zeros', and it's fucking brilliant. such extravagant, beautiful and brutal language, and as always, laughably quotable. I suggest you get hold of a copy of the hardback from HERE of course, I'm biased as fuck. he is a friend and the singer in a project I'm involved in going by the name of Amateurs, but I like to
think I'm cold hearted enough to know when I'm being sycophantic.