Little Ol' Me

Smashion, the fashion social site where people sell and swap their favorite items, did a little feature on GFS (I love that I just branded myself! Ha!)

Check out the interview here!

Also, thank you KEY for all of your support of GFS and  SFAM!

And to keep this all in perspective. I will share you with an exchange I had with my brother. I randomly sent my little brother a link to my Smashion interview. I never send him anything about my blog because...well he is a guy and it's not on XBOX, so it doesn't matter to him.

I sent the link around 7am. At 7:22am, this was his reply...

My Sucker Brother: "This is what you think about when you wake up?"
Me: What else is there to think about?
My Sucker Brother: *crickets*