GFS Series: She's A Friend In My Head

I haven't done a GFS interview in a while. I think I got bored....but along came ZARNA! ZARNA! ZARNA!

Zarna single handedly revived the need for another "She's a Friend In My Head" interview. Zarna's Runway is giving me what I need in the best way! The shoes...the hair...the edge.  I love it all!

She was brave kind enough to answer a few questions for me and I am so glad to share her style with you. For the newcomers of GFS, if you haven't figure it out...I'm a little "left" in my thinking so take no offense to my questions. I think some people take style/fashion/blogs too seriously and I am so not that person.

Enjoy and visit Zarna's Runway for more inspiration!

1. How would your friends describe your style?

My friends would say my style is crazy and over-the-top - they always laugh at me because I wear six-inch heels to the grocery store or a tutu to the park. I like to be different and have fun with fashion!

2. Your friend wants to borrow your favorite dress. But you KNOW she can't fit it. She's bigger than you? What do you do?

Just because it looks like a dress doesn't mean she can't wear it as a tunic with her favorite pair of jeans! If that doesn't fit I'd just offer her something else from my closet - no big deal :)

3. If you like something on a stranger...let's say her shoes or blouse....Do you go to her and ask where she got it from? Or do you just roll your eyes at them?

I always ask people where they get their clothes from! I love learning about different boutiques/websites and it's also a good way to strike up a conversation with a fabulously dressed person!

4. I obviously covet your style. I went into your archives and noticed that you once rocked long hair. Do you think your new haircut changed your "style game" so to speak?

Short hair makes everything look slightly edgier (in my opinion) - and it also saves soooooo much time in the morning. In regards to my "style game", I think it's definitely made me more bold in my dressing and I also make a point to incorporate feminine pieces to my outfits.

5. What style trend do you absolutely REFUSE to support? (For me, it would be any Juicy Couture item with words spelled across my bottom. Never!)

I totally agree with you! The style trend I hate most - Juicy Couture tracksuits with Uggs. I think it's the worst look ever! Why not just wear a pair of trousers, a tee, and some oxfords? It's just as comfortable!

6. Your friend calls and begs you to come spy on her "blind date"...and by spy, I mean take a camera phone pic of the guy and write down his license plate number. You have ten minutes to throw on something...what do you wear?

Dark denim skinny jeans, a white tee, leather jacket, and a bold shoe. It's my go-to outfit!

7. Share one of your style secrets.

Just because a piece is supposed to be worn a certain way doesn't mean you have to wear it that way! For example if a V-neck shirt is too low, I wear it backwards and let there be a plunging back and a conservative front. Also, if a skirt is too long why not make it a tube dress? It's all about having fun and being creative with your clothing!

8. You have a dear friend whose style clearly sucks. You die every single time you and the friend go out together because of her fashion/style choices. How do you handle that situation? Do you tell her? Do you offer advice or do you ride it out and just limit your hang out spots to dark alleys and movies?

I usually get ready with my friends at my house, so I'd just offer her some tips - but only if she was interested!!

9. Have you always been "style confident?" Do you even consider yourself "style confident?"

I'm proud to say I'm "style confident" - the only thing that makes a fabulous outfit look lackluster is if you don't have the confidence to pull it off! I would say I've always been "style confident", even when I was younger and wore strange things.

10. There is a fire. You have two minutes to grab three favorite items out of your closet. What do you grab?
My vintage raybans (they were my grandfathers), my grandmother's ring, and my favorite pair of heels :)

Bonus question:
 How likely will it be for you to send me those Jessica Simpson "Gusla" wedges to me? As a "Hi, I don't know you but I feel sorry that you don't own these shoes and can't find these shoes or even knew they even existed before reading my blog" kind of gift? It doesn't matter what size shoe you wear? I can fit them:)
Hahaha I wish I had an extra pair! I totally would!'re selfish!
But I would be too. I wouldn't part with those babies either!

Thank you for being the first GFS interview of 2011!