Thank You!

Rocking the Turban...I know some people are over the turban but I kinda love it. I'll be over it soon though. You know how I get!

Turban: Beauty Supply Store
H&M Dress and Trench
Leopard Tights
Jessica Simpson Heels
Thrifted Sash

By the way...I would like to announce that I'm a beast. I actually went to the gym at 5:30am! I went to a spinning class. It started at 5: 30am...I walked out at 5:45am. I swear I'm no punk but those bike seats are NOT made for me! I did not leave the gym though...I stayed and got on the treadmill.

Yay me!

Juanette and I decided to pull off the Marie Claire look. (Her secret weapon is that she has a crinoline under her dress for the "full dress effect"...My secret weapon is that I am JUST plain "full"!)

And don't forget to shop SFAM's Closet! Thank you for the support we are getting through emails and twitter and facebook! We already have orders to keep us busy! I am really aiming to be my own success story instead of reading about them...and SFAM is one HUGE step towards that!