Oscar Party!

The girls and I decided to blow off the Oscars this year to just stay home and have our own Oscar party. You know, to be low key ;)

Getting Bella ready for her big night...
(i have a treatment in my hair, that's why it looks so greasy)

On the super exclusive brown carpet. The paparazzi was insane!
(my dress is Lanvin for H&M, Leah's is vintage)

The shoes!!
 (YSL, Bordello, DSquared2)

Leah took home the Oscar for Best Hair and Makeup

I won for Best Shoes, a new category this year ;)

Bella (8) swept the Oscars with Best Actress, Best Director, Best Song, Best Cinematography, and Cutiest Cutie Pie. Congrats!

 We were all so honored!

Bella couldn't contain her emotion

Leah, usually reserved, shed tears of joy!

And I'm a total ham.

Damien, Leah's very talented son, made our awesome Oscar statue but wanted nothing to do with our silly girly photo sesh.

Thank you, and goodnight!