Crushing on a Manor

Thanks for all your kind comments yesterday, ladies. I read every one of them multiple times and truly have takens all your words to heart. It is good to read your reassurances that I don't need to feel that I am missing out on something that I need to be doing with my life right now, and it's great (?) to know that so many of you can also relate. Ah, being a girl ... especially with a Chinese mama (all you Chinese gals you know what I mean!) I know I should just live my life the way that feels best for me and my BF right now, but it's hard sometimes!

For matters regarding marriage and children, I sometimes don't know if it is something on my mind because I do want it all, or because I think that is what I should want. Or if I don't think I want it because I am internally rebelling or don't know if I am just not ready now for it - but then if I am not ready now, will I ever be ready? Welcome to my head ...

So of course it would make sense that I needed some lightness in my mind today and did dressing the easy way - a nice printed dress. And my favorite type of printed dress, the shirt dress!

Dress: Anthropologie Maeve wightwick manor (similar here or kinda here or not at all but fab here)
Belt: H&M double buckle (worn here before - similar here or here or snakebite-ish here)
Boots: Born taro (worn here before - similar here or here)
Tights: Target
Necklace: Anthropologie nueva granada (worn here before - similar here or simple here)
Bracelet: J. Crew studded bangle (similar set here or here)

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

And adding more lightness to the fluffy girl fodder and one awkward segway: Do you gals have any unobtainable strong women that you crush over and admire from your distant little perches? Though my preferences have changed in the past few years especially since who is hot or not changes more than the wind nowadays, but my all-time fave girl crush has to be Sandra Bullock.

A hot girl who likes to crack jokes and doesn't mind making fun of herself? Yes, please! I don't know if it is so much of a crush than I either want to be her (except for the whole Jesse James and baby David thing - but keep the Oscar and millions of dollars) or want to hang out with her and trade trucker jokes over some brewskis!

New girl crush? Emily Blunt, of course. She's also very hot and also appears quite laidback and cool - plus she seems to do casual or haute couture with equal ease!

An honorable girl crush mention needs to go out to Kristen Stewart. I know we may not all agree, but I think she's a darn good actress. And she's kind of too cool for this whole "young Hollywood" thing and would rather bomb around in Cons and a plaid shirt than get all ruffled and eyelash-curled up (OK, a little annoying, but I admire her for sticking to her guns). Plus scoring the Twilight gig and R. Patz?

Sure I should probably have loftier girl crush pursuits - I should be telling you that I crush on Hillary Clinton for her strength of character and leadership abilities or Martha Stewart for her crafty entrepreneurial spirit or Ursula Burns for almost single-handedly turning around the fortunes of one of the largest companies in the US - but no, I like cute brunettes who act in comedies and look good wearing stilettos and pretty dresses.

And that's probably all the time you've got for me this week, so I'll leave it you now - who are you girl crushes and why?