Baftas and babies...

Some Mondays I have a new blog blog post just bursting out of my mind, all ready to hit the 'publish' button. Some Mondays the opposite. Today the latter; I have no format, no agenda, it's just the mind of me...

by Elizabeth Messina

So to the Baftas...I will leave to my wonderful fashionista blogging colleagues to critique the dresses; I have to say that I loved Jessica Alba's blue dress. I found the award nominations by Rosamund Pike physically painful to watch (poor girl). I shed a little tear for Colin Firth's victory - he so deserved it and isn't his wife Livia just beautiful and so appropriate? I still haven't seen Black Swan and with Natalie Portman's best actress award I feel slightly ashamed that I haven't!

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This morning I visited my new nephew - OHHH MY - just gorgeous in that unutterable newborn way. Seeing him made me feel peace.

My house is trashed after a very full family weekend, so I will spend the day putting stuff back in its place. The Monday ritual. But then I remember - it's Valentines...hmmm how could I forget?
It's a day for happy love on the home-front :-)

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