Love in a Pocket

Oh skirts and dresses with pockets, what did I ever do with my hands before you? Even though I don't use you that much except for snacks, I feel like I'm not getting my money's worth when I like pieces nowadays without that don't have you!

I love thee in all your forms: the sneaky on-seam pouches, the saggy fistful sacs, the armor-like security of the zippereds, the shady flaps, the butto - actually, I find you buttoned pockets a little haughty, almost a bit of a tease. Do you want me to put stuff in or don't you? We'll need to chat offline.

Please don't ever decide you're too exposed and go into hiding, disappearing from my fluffy frocks and leaving me to put my hands up on my waist awkwardly. Stay always, because where else can I find random change or a few crumpled dollars, a broken bobby pin, a half-opened pack of Bubble Yum? If you go, I'll no longer receive a little baggy with forgotten belongings from my dry cleaner or hear the clang of leftover quarters in the dryer. 

Granted I don't even put my hands in you too often while I wear skirts because I have a tendency to push down with my fists, but I am comforted to know you two little hidden cloth flaps are there, waiting to receiving a handful of Reeses Pieces. So you, my dear pockets, don't go changing.

Top: Anthropologie Deletta je ne sais scarf (worn here before - similar silk here)
Skirt: Anthropologie Edme & Esyllte field (worn here before - similar mini here or here)
Belt: Anthropologie city safari (worn here before - similar-ish here)
Tights: Anne Klein (similar here)
Shoes: Franco Sarto suede gamble (worn here before - similar here or here)