We walked at the beach in the rain and the wind. Only lone dog walkers and a rare group of city-dwellers in search of a coastal 'away-day' accompanied us. Up and down the boardwalk that wove its way through the sand dunes and then back to our beach hut for refreshments. As we peeked out of our little wooden hut, smiling to passers-by with that conspiratorial smile and a 'hello, a fine day isn't it?' even though its blowing a hooley. I did think to myself how utterly British we were being, skulking at the beach in chilly winter weather, determined to get some all-important fresh air.

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To me one of my happiest places on earth is at the beach, whatever the weather, seeing my kids run along the shoreline. There is just nowhere like it for me. Of course it would be rather nice if it were Florida instead of the South coast of England, but has its charms.

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