Monday style...

Monday, Monday, rise and shine! It turns out I am delinquent in acknowledging a flurry of blog awards that I have been bestowed...a total of FOUR Stylish Blogger Awards from the following kind people:

Charlotta who writes the blog 'Space for Inspiration'. Charlotta gave me a lovely mention, singling out 'Lou, Boos and Shoes' as one of her faves. Very sweet!
Rali who writes the blog 'Styles 'n Cream'.
Paloma who writes the blog 'Paper Garland'.
Julie who writes the blog 'The Fantasy Decorator'.

So thank you very much; that's a whole lot of style! With this award I am meant to divulge seven things about myself that you may not know. Well I hate to say it but my life is an open book and I struggled to think of seven secrets (that I would be willing to post anyway.) So I have applied some mild interpretation, I hope you don't mind...

What is style? Here are seven things about my style...

I like really simple, classic dressing...which at the moment makes me want to wear jeans, boots and a blazer. Come to think of it, I like grosgrain ribbons, ballet flats, navy stripes, crisp white shirts, alice bands, funnel-neck coats, LBDs and surprising quirks in an outfit like a studded belt.

I have a string of pearls that my husband gave me and despite being unsure of them to start with, now I love them so much; they improve any outfit, any day.

One of the most stylish and desirable things for me is healthy, glowing skin. Getting it is like chasing the elixir of life...

I can't abide scuffed shoes and raggedy handbags; I am big on polishing and looking after leather ware.

...oh Olivia...the life you lead...
I often get dressed up then take off half the accessories; I try not to have too much 'going on' in one outfit. I have to tell myself: the dress is enough.

Only wear what you love. If in your heart you think it's a so-so item, ditch it.

Like so many things in life; less is more...

...Diane Kruger...and lots of gorgeous images via for chic sake

And I thank you!

I now award the Stylish Blogger Award to these lovely bloggers:

Jeanne who writes the blog 'Cashmerejeans'.
Alison who writes the blog 'Cowparsley'.
Jennifer who writes the blog 'Keswick and Country'.
Deborah who writes the blog 'Metropolitan Mum'.