Bloggers Don't Always Love What They're Wearing

Hi. I hate this dress.

I bought it a year or so ago and it was about 2 sizes too big.
But I saw potential in it.
I thought I could save it. Make it work for me.

I should've just left it at the thrift store instead of pouring money into alterations.
The neck is too high (it's asymeterical)
 My "girls" felt caged.
The waist line doesn't hit me in the most awesome place
 It's too short.
All which are my fault...because my alterations lady told me.
I didn't listen.
 Now...once again...I hang my head in shame!

 I tried to "Jedi mind trick" the dress by adding a vest.
Which wasn't originally a was a Gap Jacket that I've had for a few years.  
I decided it would serve me better as a vest.
I had the sleeves taken off.
I was right about that!
(Thrifted dress,belt/ Gap Trench Jacket Vest, BCBG heels/ Aldo necklace/Vintage handbag)

You win some and you lose some.

P.S...Say hello to my new little friend. The mother in law strikes again. This is the MIL's grandmother's handbag! It's been sitting in her attic doing absolutely nothing since I rescued it. It's perfect in all thy ways.