Dear Anyone Else

I've a got a case of the Help Mes today, so please bear with me. Consider this a reverse Dear Abbie and I am requesting a bevvy of style-related advice from your highly-regarded collective fashion know-how.


Starting with this dress. I purchased the Anthro blackboard dress from Ebay months ago but aside from my initial glee over its well-fittingness, I haven't worn in. Because I am not sure how to wear it.  The ruched shoulders make wearing it under cardis awkward, and then throwing a jacket on seems to make it loose its nice lines, and with just a belt, it still doesn't seem right.

IMG_4328  IMG_4331

You ladies have any ideas on how I can style this? Or have I fashion blogged too much and I can no longer accept leaving a dress on its own - because it seems like a fine piece all by itself? 

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And then way back in April, I fell victim to the Lust for a Yellow Bag and purchased one of those hot-to-trot Cambridge Satchels in yellow. Swallowing the retardedly high cost for shipping anything overseas, my lust for the satchel was so great that I didn't even bat an eyelash when the web site advised that due to demand, blah, blah, blah, it may take up to three weeks before I received anything.

And so I clickety-clicked my way through a purchase and have been sitting on my hands as three weeks came and went. And I've received nothing except an initial order confirmation e-mail. Even after I sent customer service a ping a few days ago inquiring about my status. Whole lotta nada.

Has anyone else purchased a Cambridge Satchel before from the states? Is this kind of wait and silence normal? Was Pippa Middleton spotted carrying this exact bag weeks ago so that the Satchel company has been raided of all its wares by a bevvy of fanatical trend-following London-ites and they're tanning hides as fast they can right now through the dark of night to keep up?

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I know fashion is a cyclical thing and retailers take inspiration from each other and I typically have no probs at all when doppelganger looks pop up from different stores. But I do find it amusing when an inspired-by look clocks in as more expensive than the original. Case in point:

Ramona Buckle Slides - Anthropologie (3 colors - $98) OR Worishofer 251 Sandals (21 colors - $59.95)

What do you think about this style? As a backlash to the sucky Anthro sale yesterday, I bit on the yellow Worishofers and bought them online. I know about the shopping ban ... I know they're comfy as all get and they are kind of IN right now, but I'm still undecided on whether "orthopedic chic" is a good thing?