Things of beauty...

Crazy busy week...not quite back in the swing but on my way, I hope. I wish I could say I was having a quiet weekend but the opposite is true - we are hosting a double birthday party for both children, in the garden. It will be sunny! I can feel my yearning for a holiday heightening, starting to count down the weeks to July. We need some family time and quite simply to have nothing to do and nowhere to be for a while. In amazes me how much life ramps up even when you make a conscious effort to keep it edited and easy.

Cameron Diaz...photograph by Mario Testino

j crew summer 2010

via 79 ideas from fri

from voy

by me - my back garden

Kate Bosworth

via edgar modern, painting by Jessica Cooper

photograph by Melissa Schollaert

via poise and vogue

via simple sparrow flickr
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Natalie Portman

Olivia P style from from Zara

via modern country style from Cabbages and Roses

via poise and vogue from jak and jil

photograph by Stephanie Rausser

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