Why Do We Buy?

I'm obviously a shoe addict. I buy shoes on an almost weekly basis and my shoe "closet" is overflowing with shoes... I know that sounds great but it's really getting ridiculous. I think I may have a problem.

I was shopping this week and trying on a really awesome pair of glittery sky high Louboutins and was about to buy them when my friend, a sales associate at the boutique, casually asked "What are you buying them for?"


What did she mean? I was buying them cause I wanted them! Did I need a specific reason? Do people buy shoes for a purpose other than having a fabulous pair of shoes? This may sound totally silly but I think this just hit me- I buy shoes without actually thinking about when/where I'm going to wear them. It never occurred to me that I was doing this but when I actually think about it, I feel like a total ass.

I blame my job. As a shoe designer we're constantly shopping, or as we like to call it- it "researching". We have to be on top of all the current trends and know all the hot shoes, but a side affect of that is, of course, wanting shoes for ourselves.  I've gotten to the point where I find myself buying shoes just to have them. If I used this "where are you going to wear them" logic, I bet I'd have about half the shoes I have.

Some examples?
Well, these DSquared spine heels are a great example. Where can I wear these? I wore them a couple of times so far. Once to the mall just to show them to all my friends (I'm a total mall rat if you didn't know) and another time or two to I forget where. They're high and fragile and not exactly comfortable, but they're works of art!

Another pair I just had to have? These Fendi Cinderella shoes. I wore them once to the Emmys last year and they were painfully uncomfortable so I never wore them again. But gosh they're beautiful...

Ok, one more! These boots that I just HAD to have. But again, I didn't think about where I'd wear them. I mean, they're suede! I'm terrified to wear them in case I ruin them... but boy are they pretty.

I could go on and on and on. I've decided to clean and organize my shoes and really look at what I have. I need to make an effort to buy more consciously!! I know that doesn't sound like much fun but If I don't slow down my shoes are going to take over our house! Look at this room- it's crazy. I'm like a shoe hoarder!

WHAT A MESS! I'll post an after photo as soon as I get it under control ;)

What about you? Do you think before you buy?? Do you always have a plan before you shop or are you guilty of impulse buying too?