This one or that one?

When I lack inspiration I find myself writing this sort of blog open 'Q and A' to the world. Like I did here and here and's a little challenge to myself to think of new questions to pose. I think the whole of the country has post-royal wedding blues; whenever I saw anyone over the weekend they would blurt 'what did you think of the wedding?' And of course we would all start a reverie of how lovely it was and wasn't the dress just divine and didn't they look so very happy?

And so, a new week is starting, let's have some happy choices between this one and that one...I will if you will...

via crush cul de sac from Hennes &Mauritz
Prince William or Prince Harry?

The ballet or the opera?

Bikini or all-in-one?

New best friend: Catherine Duchess of Cambridge or Pippa Middleton?

Couldn't live without: coffee or tea or chocolate?

Plan in advance or last minute everything?

Jeans: skinny or boyfriend?

On holiday: All inclusive resort or go it alone?

via crush cul de sac, photograph by Erica George Dines

All-out worrier or 'let it go' optimist?

Gemstones: Ruby or Emerald?

Perfume: light and floral or heady and musky?

'When Harry met Sally' or 'Sleepless in Seattle'?

Botox: yes or no?

Seasonal anticipation: getting into woolly jumpers and boots or getting into soft cotton and sandals?

Of a bygone age: Marilyn Monroe or Katherine Hepburn?

What is your first thought as you wake in the morning?

photograph by Ida Bjorvik