Single Ladies, Video Vixens and Preacher Wives

Shanda randomly sent me more of her work and I gasped!
She is phenomenal!
She told me that I was her muse when we first started chatting a few months back.
I just blew her off because I thought she was just trying to make me feel pretty!
Then I get these illustrations in my email!

I remember joking with her to give me a smaller a video vixen.
Everybody wants to be a video vixen. Even preacher's wives...even you! Umm hmm.
She remarked that she was going to do the face again to resemble me more. Who wants to look like me when you can like her in the illustration!

Thank you Shanda! This made my day!
P.S...If you watch the new VHI show "Single Ladies" featuring Diamond from Player's Club Lisa Raye and Stacy will see more of Shanda's work! Stacy Dash's character plays a fashion designer and boutique owner. Shanda's work is being used for those scenes! So everytime you see Stacy Dash drawing/sketching's Shanda's work! I know really cool people, don't I!
And by "know"...I mean email, call, chat and stalk but never met in the flesh...YET!

Just you wait til I get to Atlanta!