A Motivational Stripe

For you gals who have read my posts for a while now, you know that my diet is typically atrocious and my exercise routine perpetually stalled. Well I know this is still too soon to say, but using the "if I shout it from the Blogtops, then I need to live up to it" mentality, I am hoping my lackluster days are behind me now.

On the diet front, I've been keeping a food diary for about two weeks - though I haven't been keeping up. However, the process of writing it all down has helped me mentally think of what I'm consuming so I'm not just randomly grabbing whatever suits me and stuffing it into my mouth. That, and opting to chew gum when I am bored, plus having a bunch of healthier food options available, has definitely help to (mostly) curb the junk food munchies.

As for my non-fitness routine, I actually went to the gym two whole days in a row (seriously, big deal for me) and spent time on the treadmill - on Saturday I ran/walked almost two miles in twenty minutes, and yesterday I did over one mile on the treadmill before working some of the weight equipment and playing a few rounds of racquetball with the BF.

I'm taking small steps to get into a Healthier Lisa groove but it certainly isn't easy - I had fried chicken for dinner last night and I am struggling to get the excuses out of my head today so I can squeeze in another quick trip to the gym (I can't get myself motivated enough to do it first in the morning!) How do you gals keep yourselves exercising regularly?


IMG_3799  IMG_3797



Sweater: J. Crew sunshine peony (worn here before - similar here or more pink here)
Dress: Anthropologie Maeve slate stripes (worn here before - really similar, I want to buy it too here)
Belt: UO Deena & Ozzy stretch (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: Seychelles sophia (similar here in navy)

And this is my one non-total slob outfit from this weekend, in my fave I-may-look-preggers-but-I-can-eat-what-I-want shirt:

IMG_3780  IMG_3775

Top: Anthropologie city cousin (worn here before)
Shorts: Old Navy (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: Toms kenya stripe wedge (worn here before - I have a size 7.5 available on my blog sale here)

♣   ♣   ♣   ♣

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