Why Does it Cost So Much?...

While I was in China, working on some new shoes, I was flipping through some old magazines and I came across this article that I HAD to share with you guys! I'm not much of an article reader when it comes to fashion magazines. I usually just tear through them lusting after shoes on my 'get' list and clothes on my 'when I'm a millionaire I still won't be able to afford this' list. The headline caught my eye, especially since I'm working on making my shoe line affordable to the masses. "Why Does It Cost So Much?"
Good question....

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(2008 Harpers Bazaar)

I love the idea of finding a uniform and building your closet around your own personal look. My problem is that I don't like to have only one look... I love to go from super girly to sort of goth to preppy to whatever!
What do you think about the concept of having a uniform? Do you have one?