Mr. Men and Little Miss

My BF apparently believes that I want to make an @sshole of him because he said that is what other people must think of him when they seen him in public with me. Because we live in the south, and I still sometimes will open the door for him when we’re going somewhere in public or I’ll throw down a credit card when it is time for pay for a meal. And in the south especially, gentlemanly rules of chivalry do still exist, and apparently I am not playing well with others.

I’m sure it is some sort of combination of coming from working-their-butts-off immigrant parents to growing up in NYC to trying to live up to be a “modern woman” where I get my inadvertent attitude from. I’ve always found it nice when guys I am with do stuff for me, but by no means do I expect it, and shoot, I’m sure a lot of times it has gone clear over my head because I’m not looking for it. (However, I do have girlfriends who will stand in front of a closed door all dang day if they are with a guy, waiting for him to finish his stuff and get to door opening – because that’s what he’s supposed to do! )

This chivalry stuff certainly isn’t a point of contention between the BF and I, but he always teases me about it because to this day I just do my own thing. I guess it does hurt his gentlemanly pride a little that I am so lackadaisical about this stuff – so the other day we actually wrote what we considered our modern-day rules of chivalry on our wipe board (yeah, we’re those people) and came up with:

  • A gentleman will help a lady into her coat
  • A gentleman will give up their seats for a lady (on a train, etc.)
  • A gentleman will open the door for a lady
  • A gentleman will stand when a lady walks into the room
  • If a gentleman asks a lady out for a date, it is expected he will pay (though I consider that to be the case for whoever asks another person out)
And here we are, X number of years together (yeah, I don't keep track of that stuff either, but we'll save my lack of sentimentality for another post) later and we're still learning about each other. I need to keep my eyes open for when BF is trying to be nice and be OK with it - and BF needs to remember that I don't mean anything by it when I blow open a door or give him a weird look when I catch him standing behind me holding my chair.

Sp what do you think of chivalry in the 21st century? Are we such strong independent women that it is now considered dead, or are you still a believer in gentlemanly duties? What do you consider to be modern-day “rules” of chivalry?


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Top: Calypso for Target medallion print crochet bib (I bought this before my shopping ban, I'm still good!)
Jeans: J. Crew high heel flare (worn here before - similar here, here)
Necklace: Anthropologie grandma's treasure trove (worn here before - similar here, here)
Bracelet: Forever 21 faceted cube spiral (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna (worn here before - similar here, scalloped luxe here)

FYI, I'm cheating a little with my OOTDs because this was an outfit from last week. And I may be a wee bit MIA-ish this week because though I'm still working, I flitted off up north to spend all my free time with this little ice muncher: