In the world of Lou...

I am having one of those productive days; spurred on by a few terse words between myself and my beloved this morning about the uselessness of our house filing system. I loathe filing. Paperwork and admin are my worst, worst activities. So I shove everything in a drawer and hope for the best until one of those days arrive where something has to be located. Rapid leafing through pile after pile of un-filed paper ensues, until defeat is admitted or the key item is triumphantly discovered! I wish I were more organised...

via tick tock vintage
After the long weekend, I am settling back into the norm of work days and home days, interspersed by the school run. Term time offers the calm of a quiet house during the day, an opportunity to regroup and to not be Mummy for a few hours. But in return is the tyranny of the drop-off/pick-up/homework/sports matches. I like it though, as I get to go running more and to plan appointments for things I normally don't have time for, like the homeopath or beautician. It's pedicure season; one luxury I afford myself in the summer months.

How can it be May already? I feel like April went by in a whirlwind of Spring days; it really was a fabulous month. Now May means Boo's birthday - she will be a whole decade old. Impossible. My Boo? Surely not; I remember when she looked something like this...

via a lady's findings...washing eggs to be sold at the farmers market, near Falls Creek, Pennsylvania, 1940, Jack Delano.
Trying to eat well (as in really trying; have cut out a-l-h-o-t of bad stuff and it's good but also exhausting cooking everything from scratch). But then when food can look as beautiful as this, I figure it's worth the effort.

photograph from Canelle et Vanille - this food blog is just beautiful...

I am just trying to get on top of everything again, trying to be a better me.

Oh and before I forget - here is what I think:

It's gotta be Prince William.
Ballet - all the way.
Bikini - for as long as I can.
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (let's call her Kate as we are between friends...)
Could not live without tea. Chocolate a close second...
Really really want to be plan in advance, but something always ends up last minute (I wish I were more organised!)
Skinny jeans.
Go it alone on holiday planning - did an all inclusive once; probably not again!
Worrier, Worrier, WORRIER!
Light and floral on the perfume front - I wear Diptyque.
'When Harry Met Sally' - all time classic.
Botox - currently no. Think I will stick on that point.
I love getting into summer clothes - we are so deprived on the weather front...sun = instant wardrobe high.
Marilyn Monroe.
First thought...universally it seems we all agree on this: is it morning already?!

Mental note: go to bed earlier!