GFS Hairstory: The Interview That Wasn't Supposed to Happen

H&M Dress
Random Belt
Sam Edelman Wedges
Aldo Necklace

I know a lot of bloggers venture into VLOGGING but I vowed that would not be my ministry.
But when you have a pushy friend who forces you to talk...well... never say never. I also have the distinct honor of introducing her daughter to her first Oreo cookie when she was one year I suppose I felt obligated! LOL

Here is probably the first and last video I will ever do!

Quick notes:

1. I did NOT want to do a video...ever!
2. I'm not wearing any make up...(nor do I wear any but still)
3. I have no idea why I was flipping my head like I have cascading locks down my back!
4. I had zero time to prepare!
5. My outfit  pics were taken this morning and this video was done at the day goes hair gets bigger:)
6. I have "bed head" hair in the video because I drive with my head leaned back against the headrest after work. Thanks Kenge for allowing me NO time to fix that! GRRRR!

Enough stalling I goes!

Click here to view full screen. I don't know how to change the size format on my blog because I'm challenged:)

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Kenge, next time I want a hair and make up crew booked and Evian water in a plastic cup with a silver straw to sip!