Hey, Buddhists take their shoes off!

I am an huge fan of Doctor Who. On my other blog, Tea with Morbius, I review Doctor Who stories and also post my fan fiction.

The Doctor Who serial Planet of the Spiders came out this month on DVD. Not that I am going to buy it any time soon. I am not a big fan of the Pertwee era in Doctor Who anyway, but Planet of the Spiders is a really naff story.

One thing that annoys me about Planet of the Spiders is that a large part of the story is set in a Buddhist monastery/ meditation centre, in which nobody takes their shoes off. The characters even meditate with their shoes still on. That is not very Buddhist. It is rather surprising, because the producer at the time was the late Barry Letts, who was a Buddhist. You would think he would have pointed this out to the director.