D'Armee vs. Navy

Oh I wonder how many cheesy military references the inception of this dress' name is responsible for. So of course I totally had to up the smirk-inducing factor by going full-on girly with my ensemble today, including the Shirley Temple-esque curls (still working out the "kinks" with the curling iron, OK - though the bobby pin was all me).


BF and I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part I yesterday evening. And though I know the character are supposed to be full-blown teenagers and the actors are even older than that, it was still cringe-worthy to me when I saw Harry help Ginny zip up her dress (really, girlfriend, you're not rockin' a bra or slip or anything?) and {spoiler} even eye-covering in that nightmare scene where Ron saw manifestations of Harry and Hermione totally hooking up. Can I help it if I still envision those multi-millionaire actors like wee little wizards running around in their too-big robes, frizzy hair and squeaky voices?

IMG_4402 IMG_4433

Not sure if my hesitation and squeamishness is due to feeling all nostalgic about these characters/actors not being all young tiny children anymore - or if in the way back of my mind, it is just a reminder to me that if they're getting older, than also means I'm getting older.

So apparently I strike out with a head full of "good ship lollipop" curls and a work-appropriate version of a little sailor outfit. Watch out, at this rate after Part II comes out, I may end sporting my version of a baby new year costume.



Dress: Anthropologie Parameter d'armee (worn here before)
Belt: J. Crew skinny (similar here)
Shoe Clip as Brooch: Lilywinkel via Etsy (worn here before)
Tank: Gillian & O'Malley via Target (similar here)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction swim n fool (worn here before - similar luxe here, reg here)
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff pouch (one of a set - larger version seen here)

Is it just me, or has anyone else had difficulty leaving comments on Blogger today?