Heel Condoms?

A reader wrote me and asked me what I thought about heel condoms.

Heel Condoms?? WTF? Never heard of it, so I checked out...

So basically, Heel Condoms is a pretty good idea with a really ugly name.
You buy these little shoe add-ons that slip onto the heel (like a condom... I guess?) and they transform your plain pumps into bright, fun shoes. I think a lot of them are pretty adorable, I just really HATE the name. I get that it was done intentionally, to get people interested or to shock people into checking it out, but it's really a turn off. When I think of heel condom, I get images of slimy pre lubricated latex covering a heel.
These are so cute and girly! They should have a girly name.

Lets pretend like we get to rename the company. What would you call it??

They're pretty cute, right?? I think I'll order a pair to try out. What do you guys think? What should we call them? Haha