Coming or going?

Is there a strange convergence of moons and stars at the moment? I literally don't know whether I am coming or going; twice this week I have got the day wrong, insisting this morning to my children that it was Thursday when in fact it is Wednesday. Get a grip Louise...

 via everything fabulous

I am loving that the apple blossoms are starting to come out and little, subtle signs of Spring have emerged in the last week. I know I am season obsessed but honestly, it's been a long time since I saw natural flowers on trees!

Unexplained bouts of insomnia have descended on our house; Boo can't sleep so I have been back to night-time disturbances, like having a newborn. Is it in sympathy for my sister in law who is week five of motherhood; she's fine, not much sleep but all good? I notice that my patience has dwindled dramatically since those newborn days in years gone by. My ability to be up and conscious in two seconds flat has more or less disappeared.

I had an interesting birthday! Slightly belated celebrations as my husband had man flu of the worst variety (I do admit he really was quite unwell). So this meant that the orchestrated spoil-Mummy-with-breakfast-in-bed-and-copious-presents did not really happen. He did however make up for it the following day with treats and a night away at a local restaurant with rooms. I was given some fabulous gifts by friends and family; treats galore.

Birthdays are increasingly different the older I get. I sense I have entered a vacuum now where everything is drawing towards turning 40. I have three years to go (and counting) but for all of my peers it's a case of either being at the milestone or getting to the milestone or ruefully looking back on the milestone. I fully intend to spend my 40th birthday, when it comes, as I said - years to go yet...whooping it in Vegas or sunning myself in Mauritius or somewhere else divine.

Today is for getting sorted, re-grouped and set up. I need a list. And another list. I need...another version of get through all these things to do. Then just maybe I will have the presence of mind to get the day of the week right?!

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