Monday muse...

We went away for a night to a lovely hotel. Our room had one of those ginormous beds, complete with pillowy white linen and many, many cushions. I swam in the pool when it was completely empty as twilight fell outside. After, chilled champagne and a little black dress for dinner. Interesting company and late night tequilas. There was an open fire in the room that had been lit for us upon our late return. I had a good time, better than I expected if I am honest.

by Polly Wreford
I went to the beautiful Spa and found myself fascinated by those well-groomed, well-heeled women who frequent such places. How do they maintain such a level of grooming? I am intrigued. Grooming (and by this I mean all of the little details; manicured nails, freshly coiffed hair, gleaming smooth skin) is surely for those with time and money in equal measure. I always observe those women in slight awe; the ones who almost defy age by keeping themselves so well put-together that they out do the passing of years. I don't consider myself someone who is influenced by airbrushed images in magazines, I don't read 'Vogue' and then look back at myself and worry. I can appreciate that there is a vast chasm between my life and that of a fashion model.

But in the Spa, when you see those women who are not airbrushed, they look that good in real life, now that does make me think. What I conclude is that if you have enough time and enough money you can do it. That and good genetics, like Eva Mendes here. Some of us are blessed in more ways than others!

I am off to meet an old friend today - one of my oldest, so we can compare notes on how well we are faring in the wrinkle wars!