GFS Recap: Texas Style Council Conference

This past weekend was spent at the first ever Texas Style Council Conference in Austin.
It was the perfect place for likeminded bloggers to share and network...and laugh...and possibly change in hospitals. (Details later)

I will admit that my top priority was to meet Kyla of Blue Collar Catwalk. We already know I love her because I've featured her in my "She's A Friend In My head" series. We've been crushing on each other for well over a year.

We finally met and I was so excited...and surprised that she is in  low to the ground!  That was until I changed into my flats at the end of the night. I HEART YOU KYLA and I'm not ashamed to say it!

Of course I ran into my Dallas buddy Erin from Work With What You've Got. She is fond of my skin (it's quite silky) and I'm fond of her beautiful hair. I can't even tell  you half the stuff she said the whole weekend because I was too busy laughing at her hilariousness!

People like to pet Erin:)

Then I met my parents. I'm part of a family now. Kendi of Kendi Everyday and her photographer hubby agreed to take me in like their very own brown Orphan Annie. I'm just waiting on the papers to be finalized.

Whatever we were laughing at, it must have been hilarious.
Then I met a real life "stealer." Not thief...STEALER. Jen from Jen Loves Kev agreed to steal a free coke for me because I was parched. I didn't have to twist her arm and she was quite excited to do it. I didn't have the heart to tell her that my favorite soda is Dr. Pepper so I wouldn't have bailed her out of jail because it would be a conflict of interest.   She's still all kinds of awesome.  I think she's going to be on the next edition of  "Strange Addictions: Coke Thief." I'll let you know when it airs!

Then there is Canada's finest Jentine from My Edit. I kinda didn't get a chance to chat with her like I wanted to but she was in my peripheral  at all times Yes, were always within eyesight. I hope you weren't too creeped out!

I also got to hang out with:
 Chastity from Curvy Girl's Guide To Style (who is quite generous and I will have to name my first child after her but I'll tell you about that soon enough:)
 Tina from T Minus, T Plus (She is a riot!!!)
 Elissa from Dress With Courage I kinda think that I'm going to get her name tattooed on my left a personal shrine of course.

There are more pics and stories to tell but I can't fit it all in one post but I will say that I met some awesome people and was exposed to alot of possible new ventures/possiblities/partnerships!

I won't mention how I may have possibly...maybe...definitely pulled over to the nearest clean building to change clothes for the council after my drive to Austin from Houston.  That place may have been a hospital and there may have been secret code knocks needed to execute the plan. I won't say who got me into that mess but there might be a picture of her below.

And  yes, I am totally rocking a vintage daishiki. It's what I do!
More stories and  pics later.