Full Disclosure: Closet Underbelly

I thought it'd be fun to start a new kind-of feature on here called Full Disclosure. I purposefully don't share a lot about my life outside of what I wear, but often-times I get questions on everything from what I like to do outside of work and blogging, to where I shop (uh, that one is probably pretty obvious), to my home, my secret habits, anything-everything.

It'd be a very short but difficult to read book if I spewed everything out and you'd get confused/lose interest within the span of minutes (insane in the membrane here), but I thought it'd be fun to share little tidbits now and again.

My first Full Disclosure post is pretty easy - my closet! (da da dum!)

Some of you lovelies have commented that my closet must either be a vast deep labyrinth to a virtual wonderland - well, I'm sorry to disappoint, but it is neither. It is quite ordinary, actually, and not what I have always envisioned, but it functions and is live-ably neat. Does that mean it never looks like tornado alley or I never "lose" anything? Nopers, but for now, it suits:

Closet 1
This is the main closet in the bedroom. I split this with the BF as he has about just as many clothes as I do in tee, polo and khaki pant form. The lighting in the closet is pretty heinous, but I can see, which I guess is the point. This is where I keep my pants, skirts, blouses, folded sweaters, jeans, jewelry, purses and stuffed things.

Here lives my underthings, my workout (haha) clothes and my tees. My life is full of stripes. Don't yawn yet, there's more!

Closet 2
This is in the spare bedroom / home office. I didn't want to split my closet up and actually wanted to just take this whole closet because it spanned one entire wall, but the BF didn't want to kick me out of the main closet (nor did he want to give it up). So my wardrobe is split and I'm only using half of this closet - eh, walking that extra twenty feet each morning is just exercise, right?

My dresses, jackets and shoes live here. I don't really have a system for my shoes yet, partly because I don't want to give up my shoe boxes (yes, for moving, I like to repack my shoes into their boxes) and don't want a pile of empty boxes somewhere and a pile of shoes somewhere else. Dependent on the day, I think I don't have enough shoes or way to many shoes for my own good. Guess what day I usually think it is?

And that is that - my first full disclosure. I've never done the whole summer / winter wardrobe split thing, so what you see is what you get - though my closet has a fantastic ability to just absorb new clothes in, so I have no idea how things just keep fitting. I wish it were glammer, larger, more modern and organized like how I live my life in my head, but it is what it is for now.

What do you ladies think about your own closets? What would you change if you could? Also, if you have anything you want to see in a future Full Disclosure post, let me know, I may or may not oblige, haha!

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