Houston Blogger Meetup

So who co-hosts a Houston blogger meetup and brings a camera that doesn't work? Me. yeah. Me. GRRR!

We met at City Centre's Yard House for hours of chatting and laughs and impromptu photo taking. More than that...it was empowering. People all had genuine interests in one another's talents and there were so many brains to pick!

K.D.  (with the big smile in the middle) and I decided to host a simple, low key gathering for those in the Houston area. I loved that it was small and intimate which gave everyone time to really share their expertise about everything from babies (not me), stalkers (yes, I kinda have one) and sitting on talents like sewing and not selling the goods (*cough...Raven and Tee).

Kathlene doesn't have a blog but is an avid blog reader and secretly desires to start her own! What are you waiting for!?! She also walked up with a gift...for me!!!?? I was beyond shocked! It was the style book by Lauren Conrad! I literally screamed! She was a delight!

(I'm wearing a vintage top, Zara skirt, Aldo earrings/shoes)

Tee of ManeCoarse was the first person to arrive and I think there may have been a squeal or twenty between us when we finally met. Then she told me she drove two hours to be there. WHAT!?! WHAT!?!? I literally kept saying "You drove for the meetup?!? Really!?" I can't tell you how honored I was to hear that! P.S...she made that camo skirt she is rocking and she doesn't sell her clothes!! WHY Tee!?! Why? I can be your business pimp manager. Think about it.

The ladies chatting.
 K.D., the cohost is new to the Houston area.  She has a hair blog and was ever so proactive in finding a location for the meetup! How is it that she is new to Houston but introduced me to a new spot to hang out? #getoutofthehousereiko

 The Hairgurl is pregant but oddly she was the first at the table to mention alcohol. I think I know we where can find her a few days after giving birth!  Tamara of Natural Hair Rules (on the end) is ridiculously knowledgeable about all things business. She has a great idea of possibly having a "workshop" for the next Houston blogger meet up. I'll keep you posted!

Jody always leaves the sweetest comments on my blog and she came out to share in all of the chatting. She has a mobile bronzing business and also has years of experience with photo styling/staging for corporate chains. Her passion is education about healthy skin and her skin was proof in the pudding. (Why is that a saying at all?)

This one right here. I literally met her last year through my blog. I call her the Dream Weaver. This girl is not shy about networking and has the best ideas ever. She runs Mocha Mommies which is a social networking magnet for all things "mommy hood" and beyond. She also is my task manager when I need things to happen!

(In my heels I towered over Raven so I needed to balance out the picture:)

I also met Raven at the Texas Style Council Conference in Austin a few weeks ago. She is a DIY chick and she makes the cutest clutches. I have threatened her safety if she doesn't get cards to capatilize on her talents!

A few other fabulous women stopped by but of course my camera flatlined and I was mooching other people's cameras by then! Thank you Kennetta from Austin and Stephanie for stopping by! I didn't get a good pick of High Heel Junkie but her site is a must. Just talking to her for five minutes taught me alot.

I literally walked away from this meetup completely inspired. I don't know why we didn't do this sooner! I have a feeling that this will be the first of many to come!