Oh Prada! Why do you build me up baby just to let me down, and mess me around? ;)

Remember I did that post like forever ago (ok, 5 months ago) about how OBSESSED I was with the runway shoes? Yes. Good times.
Well that post wasn't even half of it. As soon as I decided that I needed them in my clutches I drove my ass over to the Prada boutique and hunted down a sales person and practically begged her to help me out.
"Can't I pre-order them? I can pay now! I neeeeed these shoes!"
I was a woman possessed. Like a huntress stalking my prey... I'd make these shoes my own!

It took THREE visits before someone took me seriously (weird, right? why are you saying no to a sale?) Maybe they mistook my passion as psycho-ness. Maybe because I was 5 months ahead of the ship date. Whatever.

So I pre-ordered 2 shoes a couple of weeks ago, both wedges, without seeing them in person. Going off the runway photos. This wedge in grey with a pink stripe at the bottom (!!!!!)

And a green and black striped one with a peep toe and and orange stripe at the bottom. (can't find a photo)

My Disappointment? Well, sometimes department stores get versions of the shoes before the boutiques do. Makes NO sense but happens all the time. I saw some wedges at Nordstrom and they were less that impressive. Why? The height. The runway shoes were sky high, just how I like my shoes. Like many designers do, to the frustration of people who believe the higher the better, they lowered the shoes that were made for the masses. They look kinda dumbed down and not nearly as exciting. Miuccia has played this trick on me before.

With this shoe (circa 2008)...

That became this shoe for the masses...

Totally different right? Tisk tisk Miuccia.

Now I may be speaking prematurely, and I hope I am. I've only seen the runway heels in person, not the runway wedges so MAYBE they didn't change them too much. Fingers crossed!

I will, of course let you know as soon as I get them in my greedy little hands.