Polyester, Sugar and Church...OH MY!

Is there an outfit that you wear that personifies who you are as a person? I'm thinking this is that outfit for me. I felt very much ME while wearing this to church and to the movies.

I think it's the skirt. Who says you can't have a little drama in your everyday life. The train on this trumpet shaped skirt does it for me. It makes me feel like I am really going somewhere which in most cases...I am not.

I do have to share one secret...this skirt is HOT AS HELL! It's vintage which means polyester is involved. At random points of the day, I caught myself hiking the skirt up to my knees to give my legs some air! Thank goodness I sat in the back of the church!

Again, I ask...how is it that Polyester became the premier fabric of the 70's!?! How did my mom do it? I have to space my polyester days out or my "sugar" will start to run high. (I don't know what "sugar" has to do with polyester but just go with it.)

Vintage Skirt/clutch
Thrifted Men's Burberry Shirt
Belt: gift
Pour La Victoire Sandals

P.S...I just High fived myself for using the word "sugar" in this post. BWAHAA!