GFS in New Orleans: WWJD

I bet you think by now that I just pick up and go to New Orleans and Austin and parts of the country whenever I feel like it. Not so Grasshopper:)

I was in New Orleans for a friend's wedding. I wore this ensemble to the wedding. I had a conversation with Juanette and I told her how I wanted to "J. Crew" my look.

( I got this long sash from Goodwill. It's nice & long and wraps around my body a couple of times)

I am really obsessed with the style director guru responsible for the wonders of J. Crew.
Juanette and I now have a saying when we want to J. Crew our look...WWJD!

WWJD SHOULD stand for What Would Jesus Do.
Again, you are wrong grasshopper.
It stands for What Would JENNA (Lyons) Do?!?

(Brian the photographer for Kendi Everyday told me that night time photos aren't the best...and I agree...yet I keep trying. Fail.)
I decided that this thrifted mermaid style skirt should be accompanied with a Target Tank and J. Crew "like" jewelry. Juanette loaned me her necklace (she sells awesome jewelry) and bag.

I keep waiting for her to call me and say just keep the bag. I'm still waiting...but I'm not giving up.

I have a final New Orleans post coming up and then I get to share the photos from The Houston Blogger Meet UP...which was all kinds of AWESOME!