I Heart Japan

Listen, I just want to touch on the subject REALLY quickly because a reader asked why I hadn't yet, and said that I may come off as materialistic and someone who doesn't care about it.

The reason I haven't done a post on Japan is because 1. This is shoe blog that I try to keep light and not at all too serious, and 2. Because I am traumatized. Seriously.

I don't mean to sound stupid or naive but I am super sensitive. I can't even watch the news because when I do I cry and sob and am an instant hot mess. I can't watch scary movies, especially scary movies about the world ending because I will have stress and anxiety and crazy nightmares for months afterward. I am SO sorry for what has happened over there and what continues to happen but I just can't talk/write about it. I won't do the situation justice. There are blogs out there with more information and better writing skills.

So please know that my heart is there even if my blog isn't. There isn't an hour that passes that I don't think of those people and what a horrifying situation they are all in. About how I wish I were the kind of person who could pack up my stuff and fly my ass over there to do whatever I could to help.

If you want an amazing first hand account of what happened from a fellow fashion blogger, check out Rumi's post HERE. She has some great links too.

Thanks for understanding.