A Girl Today

Doing makeup, hair, nails, fluffing pillows and knowing where to place a vase, eating little half sandwiches with a side of salad for lunch ... these are a few of things I am completely inept at.


I grew up as a baby of the family, but by my birth - I was a total accident by the way, but that's a story for another post and after many beers - my big sis was already firmly established as the "girl" of the family. She was the tall slender one with the perfect skin and hair. And as she got older, she mastered all the fine arts of being a girl's girl - she was, and still is, always perfectly attired (if Emma Pillsbury and Rachel Zoe had an asian fashion baby, my sis would be it), instinctively knew how to apply makeup and play up her glossy locks, and could give Martha Stewart a run for her money in the decor department.

As for little ole Lisa on the other hand ... well, my mom cut my hair real short when I was little and permed it, then dressed me up in overalls and little striped polos. My dad taught me tennis - and gardening - and how to fix a sink. When I decided to give up ballet and piano at an early age, no one batted an eye. When I took up lacrosse, I got a big thumbs up. Through high school, I only cared if jeans fit in the waist and inseam and my introduction to J. Crew was the men's collection (remember the wool rollnecks?) When I stuff my face with a double cheeseburger and chili fries and out-eat most of my guy friends, I don't get a weird look from them anymore. And that's OK and that's just me - I am a little asian bull in a china shop.

IMG_2424 IMG_2431

On the style front though, it took a while for me to find my way. I honestly did not embrace skirts or dresses until after I started blogging just a bit over a year ago. I stayed away from pattern, color and embellishments for about just as long. All the girly accutrements of fashion - accessories, flounce, frill, shine - I am still learning all of that. And colored tights, what is that?!

I spend a lot of money when I go get my hair done every few months because I an inept at doing it well myself and a good cut and color will save me for a few weeks. I rarely do my nails because I am failure at that whole painting within the lines thing. I will get the odd pedi because I don't want to handle my toes, haha. I put on concealer and powder for my face and a light lipgloss-y lipstick because everything else seems to just run down my face. I am just learning the importance of the loofah.

I am a total tomboy at heart and I think you gals can see it come out a bit in my love for plaid and gingham, my general lack of concern towards anything related to beauty. I am fashion latchkey kid, and I've still got a lot of catching up to do.

So what kind of girl are you? What "girly" things do you love, and do you have an inner tomboy?

IMG_2451 IMG_2309

Top: Ann Taylor bib sweater (worn here before - similar here, all-ivory here)
Skirt: Anthropologie Edme & Esyllte circle the globe (worn here before - similar mini here or here)
Belt: J. Crew metallic skinny (similar here)
Shoes: Sofft patent pumps (worn here before - similar here or w/strap here)