Mes pensées (my thoughts!)...

A thought provoking time. We all know that I am a thinker; nothing new there. But a week away has sent me off into some sort of stratosphere of pondering. We returned to the same place to have the the same holiday that we have had year on year, yet this time something in me has come back different, ever so slightly uncertain. This is my reasoning for why:

We stayed in a place where there were 19 people - everyone shares dinner, it's very sociable. There were families there with little children - as in under 2's. It leaped out at me: how grown up our kids are. This thrills and appalls me in equal measure! Where did the time go? In a heartbeat they will be teenagers and I will look wistfully at families with a five and nine year old.

I am a downright mediocre skier. I have decided that skiing is one of those things that you only reach a level of real competence and skill if you start when you are three years old. I know, I know, there are probably some who manage to excel without that childhood background, but I would hazard a guess they are i) not mothers and ii) have no fear and iii) have a fitness level of an Olympic athlete. I also deduced that I rarely participate anymore in pursuits that I am mediocre at. I only like things that I am good at. Is this defeatist? Meh...

For the duration of our stay I did not lift a finger in the domestic department. I enjoyed this a disproportionate amount. What does this mean? Am I idle and slovenly? I found that having a chef make food for the children (yea, really) was the most divine thing in my day. OK, well second to the stunning Alpine scenery.

My ski instructor told me he spends his winters in the Alps and his summers crewing luxury boats off the shore of Cannes. I found myself wondering - why did I make the serious and responsible choices I did? Why am I not living that type of life?! Hmmm...

As I stood amongst what seemed like a million French people waiting for the bubble lift I did think to myself: this happens every day. People here queue up to scale the mountain all the time and meanwhile I am in my little corner of England. Probably doing the washing up. Meaning?

In certain circumstances in French restaurants I find that my brain has the capacity to recall long-lost snippets of pigeon French, learned in my teens. Je vais avoir la soupe à l'oignon, puis le foie gras, avec la tarte aux framboises à la fin. Oui, s'il vous plaît.

My husband is a remarkable skier; I never want to ski (be) with anyone but him.

I need to get comfortable with my age. I have decided that at nearly 37 - I am neither young nor old.

I ate so much cheese. It was bordering on obscene. How is it that French women remain slim?

All this and after all, travel broadens the mind. Meanwhile I feel guilt for all this personal introverted musing (in my charmed life) when around me the world is in chaos...earthquakes, governmental coups, War. 'Nuff said. Life is a journey.

So what's new with you?

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