Comedy Hour

 I'm a teacher which means I get my daily dose of comedy.
 Throughout the course of the day, I encounter alot of material fit for a Chris Rock comedy hour.

Here is just a taste...

1. A student was crying hysterically in class. I sent her friend her out to console her and they BOTH came back crying! WTH!

2. A 8th grade student asked me how to spell "dumb." How should I feel about that?

F21 T-Shirt
Zara pants
Sam Edelman Heels
Aldo Earrings
Turban: Local Beauty Supply

There's more but I've forgotten it already. Plus, I'm not trying to be a hot topic on The Wendy Williams Show for dishing about my job and then having to defend my Constitutional Rights as a blogger.

Nope. Ummm Ummm.
"It ain't wurf it Ms. Ceily"

(If you're new to this blog, you should know there alot of quotes from The Color Purple or Good Times. Know that and you will fit in just fine!)