Accidentally On Purpose

Don't you love it when something unexpectedly comes together?

Now I'm just talking my OOTD here (so real small victories) but I often find myself in the mornings just staring at my clothes, thinking how nothing works and if I only had that new item I had been eyeballing at the store, then outfits would magically fall into place. Which explains my shopping habit, and which also is partially true because when I do buy something, often I just think of the piece and not how it is supposed to work with everything I already own. But I won't ramble about individual shopping philosophy (not today, at least).

I had just thrown this top on (because I didn't want to just stand there in my undies getting cold) and pulled this skirt out, partly because I was convinced it didn't fit me anymore having not worn it for ages. Well, surprises of surprises, it still fit and I glanced at myself in the mirror and had a "hey, that ain't half bad" moment. So here's my small victory of the day:

The skirt is lined in bright yellow - which I think is kind of cool as it peeks out.

The way my mind works - the shoes have red heels that match the shirt and black leopard spots, which match the bag and bracelet. So that's why I think it all kind of goes together, hopefully ...

Top: Urban Outfitters BDG striped henley, worn here before
Skirt: Armani Exchange cotton cargo pencil
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Swim n Fool
Bracelet: J. Crew Crystal Abacus (now on super-sale with an additional 30% off!)
Bag: Nine West studded cross body, worn here before