Here's to Lazy Weekends

BF and I had a really great weekend - one of those few where we didn't have anything really on the agenda, yet didn't spend it all at home holed up in front of the TV (been there, done that too many times).

The weather was kind of weird in Atlanta - cold one minute, hot another, rainy, then not, so I opted for some super-casual outfits through the weekend (and no stripes, ha).

And here are some of the highlights that I think back fondly of, as Monday looms eerily:

Lunch at Flip Burger (thanks to Fallon and Jinah for the recs): Really good burgers with probably the world's best shake ever - the Krispy Kreme shake. I would've taken a picture of the shake but my first taste-test sip turned into a full-on chug and I was done with that thing before my meal even showed up. BF and I have vowed to do some serious shake testing to try to replicate the recipe.

Garden-Palooza: I test-drove my green thumb for 2010 (it's really more of an drab olive color) and we started up our little spring garden. I do mean little - I live in a brownstone, so my outdoor space is confined to a back balcony/tiny deck. So I figured I better take a picture right now while everyone's looking nice and prim - and still alive.

Dining In: Sunday involved some home pilates, bouncing around town, light errands and a home-cooked meal. BF's from TN, so he enjoys a hearty Southern meal every - shoot, almost every chance he gets.

Yes, there's only the two of us and we made a whole ham.

Crocs: Yes, we bought Crocs. They're our summer home shoes. BF and I made each other promise to never let the other leave the house with them on.