Laundry...(just keep reading)

This is just a quick post because I am pretty delirious at this very moment from lack of sleep. This is the vintage 70's shirt that I picked up in Austin over the weekend. I am feeling the colors for Spring.. I thought I would throw a little unexpectedness with the rolled up khaki's and my favorite RED shoes of all time! Kate Spade will be so proud of this whole ensemble! I took the pics at night right before I slipped into my kimono to relax. I have quite the selection of kimonos by the way...they are my version of luxurious lounging. Speaking of luxurious lounging...
A few months ago, I ran into an old family friend who is in  her 70's and quite religious. I am talking about carrying a vial of holy water and a bible with her at all times kind of religious. She has known me since birth and basically is the neighborhood grandmother. Well, we were catching up and she was telling me how she is so happy now with her second husband because her first husband wasn't 'bout' nothin! (Her words, not mine). Then she proceeded to school me on what it takes to "pleasure yourself". I was mortified! This is the same lady who was reading me a bible verse literally 5 minutes before!
She told me that all women..."married, shacking and ESPECIALLY single" ladies should buy pretty "laundry" (I had to use my context clues to figure out that she meant lingerie!), pretty undies and smell goods. She said that every single (insert Beyonce' song here)  lady should put on their "smell goods and their laundry and look in the mirror and say I LOOK GOOD"...every single night. Then she proceeded to tell me about her nightie that she wore on her wedding night at which  point I FLATLINED...DEAD...NO PULSE!

I don't know what made me think of that conversation...maybe it's because I'm in my laundry kimono right now and I see my reflection in the mirror...let me pause a moment to say to the mirror I LOOK GOOD.............................................................Okay. Done!

Kate Spade Shoes... I love these shoes with all thine heart and all thine soul!

On a random note, can you tell me some things that you have always been told to be "fashion rules"? Fashion rules like not wearing white after labor day, black is slimming....etc.
I'll tell you why you are helping me out sooner rather than later:)

(sorry  about me looking so tired in the me those were the best of the bunch)
I guess this post wasn't so quick after all:(