These Shoes FAIL

This is what I wore this weekend in Austin. I actually got the concept from a pic of Victoria Beckham. I figured, I could pull the look off. It's nothing special but this blog is about my personal style, right?'s a khaki and t shirt kind of day. Keep in mind that right before this picture, I just completed an eight hour test from the pits of hell. I felt blah in this but I'm sick of blogs where the girl is chasing bees in perfectly crisp clothes and smile to boot! Right after this, I ate some chicken tacos and the best queso dip I ever had in my life! So there:)
Photo credit: Victoria Beckham on

Now, let's talk about these freakin shoes! Comfortable? Check! Cute? Check. Evil Shoes? CHECK! I freakin fell in these shoes! I was getting out of the car to get take a stupid test  to prove that I am worthy to be a principal and was so busy trying to figure out how long the line was to sign up that I completely missed a step and fell from grace! I swear it felt like it was in slow motion. I just remember landing on all fours and purse falling after I did! The whole line turned around to look at me!


So I just laughed at myself and wobbled to the line. I am pretty sure everybody was saying "That's what she gets for coming up in here with those heels when we are about to take an 8 hour test!"
You know what I did? Strutted my ass in my seat and pulled out my snacks and lined up my pencils on my desk and looked straight ahead! Most people showed up wearing jogging suits and flip flops...but not MOI'! I am trying to channel Victoria Beckham and busted my ass!

If you are a veteran follower, you will note that this is NOT the first time that I've fallen from grace...atleast I didn't go get a hamburger to soothe my ego this time:)