Black and Lace

I grew up as a bit of a tomboy and was never much of a lace and bow-wearing gal, so I was chagrined when my big sis bought me this top last year (she is very much a bow-wearing gal and has tried forever to turn me into more of a girly-girl). So it has languished in my closet until now, when I tweaked it a bit and thought of something I could pair with it that could toughen it up a little.

So here was my outfit from yesterday, when the weather was more glum (it is beauteous today!):

This blouse originally had TWO black bows on it - can we say overkill?
And yes, I know the bow resembles the same one the Colonel has.

Close up of the cute satin-y lining - yes, a fully lined F21 jacket!

Jacket: Forever 21 quilted zip
Blouse: Forever 21 tiered lace sleeveless
Jeans: old as dirt Banana Republic boot cut
Shoes: Guess Lawri wedges