Anniversary tales and some lobbying...

I do love anniversaries; the affirmation of another year achieved and the nostalgia of looking back to the day we wed. I managed to photograph an old photo so here you go - this is us in 1999! So, so happy that day!

I have another great love of the artist Jessica Cooper and this beauty made it way into our house as an anniversary gift. It's called 'For the Love of Flowers' is just so perfect, I love it.

Finally in Sunday 'Parish Notices', I got to round three of the voting for Best Blog! I note the voting mechanism has changed for this penultimate week and it's just one vote per person. Fair do's. So I am going to ask you all again - frankly I must admit I am not enjoying this begging; if the blog is the best it should get there on its own merits, not because of my lobbying and coersive powers! However, that aside:

If you visit me, visit there too and please vote!

With much love, Lou Lou xxx