The Importance of Being Victorian

Happy Holidays, you beautiful people! I hope your Christmas days were peaceful and warming, regardless of whether or not you celebrate the day. Here's hoping for additional discounts off anything you didn't find in your stockings for the rest of the holiday season!

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My apparent penchant for cugly (cute/ugly) print dresses has apparently followed me up to the NE where between an online order and visit to the store, I'm probably over-indulged in Anthro's recent tag sale. I did manage to score deals on the Raines heels and found the last pair of Pebbled and Primped boots at my local-ish store (and maybe some other stuff too ...)

I also purchased Maeve's Wightwick Manor dress on a whim and though I am in love with the cut, overall fit, and soft corduroy, there's the issue of this print. As for size, I ordered down from normal based on the online reviews and I am thinking I may need to head back to the store (haha) to get my regular size, as apparently I have a larger rib cage. The dress fits perfectly everywhere but it tight right below the chest and above the waist. I guess I am big-boned?

The print, similar to my experience with the Sugar-Coated dress, I don't know if I like this off-kilter unusual fabric, or if it reminds me of wallpaper from the '60s. Or carpet from the '70s. It actually does a good job of being reminescent of the actual Victorian Wightwick Manor. My big sis though, took one look at this dress and didn't even blink before saying "return it." I don't know, I am digging the fit so much that I kind of want to keep it - and am even considering it in the slightly too small size if I can't find my usual 2.
What do you think? Keep, or is the print just cugly going on plain ole ugs?