These are a Few of My Favorite Things

The fashion blogosphere is full of end-of-year recaps so I thought I'd throw my virtual hat into the ring as well. 2010 and starting my blog has been a big change for me on the fashion-front. I've experimented with color, styles and pairings that I would normally shy away from and developed probably an unnatural obsession for Anthropologie and a reinvigorated love for J. Crew. I've also "met" an inspiring community of bloggers who share my fashion loves and are so generous with their time, stuff and advice.

As my way of recap, I considered doing a fave outfits post, but as I started going through my pics, I realized how much they plain sucked early on and how I think my style is still developing and trying to find itself. So I thought it'd be way more appropriate to recap some of my fave purchases from this past year:

1. Anthro Roaming Ruffles cardigan - love this easy pop of color, perfect cardi for dresses

2. J. Crew Evie blouse - I've worn this to death for work events

3. H&M drop-pocket skirt - snack pockets, 'nough said

4. Anthro Field skirt - my first yellow skirt

5. Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin shirt - my summer workhorse

6. Anthro Bianka blouse - cheap for Anthro and great color and fit, I need to collect them all

7. Mossimo by Target wedges - best $25 spent ever

8. Forever 21 plaid shirt - comfy, colorful and cheap? So in ...

9. Uggs Desoto boots - after hauling through the snow and cold in them, I am now an Ugg convert


10. Banana Republic classic skinny jeans - my intro to skinny jeans and not absolutely hating them

So that's me, how about you - what have been some of your favorite purchases of this year? Any unexpected favorites?