Uggs are for Mondays

Greetings again from NYC, aka the frozen northeast, aka the icy wasteland, aka the site of mini-snowpocalypse 2010. As you've all noticed (or lived through), we've had a bit of snow in the past 24 hours. What a difference a day makes, huh?

Fashion does unfortunately take a backseat when it comes to bodily warmth and battling the elements. I was so thankful I had purchased my first pair of Uggs (and thought to bring them to NY, whew) and dug through my old closet to pull out this puffy mass of warm shapelessness from high school!

I shoveled the whole front walk (you can probably tell because it looks like a 1st grader did it) and then had to help my dad unbury the driveaway entrance (thank you Mr. City Snow Plow Worker guy - sigh). A Jackie Warner workout ain't got anything on plain ole shoveling snow for a few hours! The snow was for real knee high!

I'll be headed back to the SE in another day or so, so I am hoping hoping the local airports get themselves sorted out! I did thoroughly enjoy my visit with the fam though, and we had our usual holiday over-indulgence on everything, plus some time to enjoy the big city holiday cheer (though I do mean "enjoy" a bit lightly though - check out the usual Christmas crowds at Rockefeller Center, egads).

And the cool one-legged seagull down at the Seaport:

In a modest fashion front, I had some quality time with the big sis and we went to three different Anthropologies (two of them yesterday during mini-snowpocalypse) and I think I'm thoroughly indulged in one of my fave retailers for a while. In fact I may need to go on a purchasing diet for January (sshhh, don't tell my wallet).

I don't know how much longer this Anthro tag sale with the additional 25% off runs for, but if you NYC gals have an opp (and can get out of your homes or even up the block!), I highly recommend paying the Greenvale, NY store a visit. It is located as a stand-alone store in a non-descript corner in Long Island (i.e., not convenient to anything) but it has such a massive sale inventory that there were two huge sale sections and a lot of one-off older items!

Here are some of the goodies I scored on super-sale between online and the Greenvale location:

Are you thoroughly indulged this holiday season, or is there still lots more to come this week? What was the best thing you got to do this holiday season? (And did you fella Anthro-lovers score any super-sale "last one standing, can't believe I found it in my size" goodies?)