Things are still beautiful...

Life goes on no matter here we are on another Friday. I have a visit tonight with one of my best friends, who is over from the Netherlands. Can.Not.Wait. It has been the longest of weeks, the children have finally broken up for the Christmas holidays; I don't think they could have gone on another day! They are exhausted. So here's to many quieter times snuggled up watching films and staying out of the cold.

Thank you for some lovely comments this week; you are getting to know me so well...

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Mini doughnuts and hot chocolate anyone?

I love Christmas lights - especially at dusk when you drive past people's houses and see their decorations within...

Drew Barrymore
This time of years makes me want to watch 'Anne of Green Gables'...nothing like it. A kindred spirit?

Here's to a quiet weekend...shuuuush ;-)